Thursday, September 27, 2012

Random Update

Now that I can truly say were all settled in I must say I´m very much considering not returning to the U.S. next semester, I may have only been here three weeks but I can honestly say my culture shock period has ended, and the overall lifestyle here the general population care for the world around them, and other people is something our country truly lacks, I see little food ever wasted, no one litters anywhere, and I´ve been numerous places completely lost and alone and whenever i bump into someone it´s never a situation where I would need to be scared for my well being or that of my possessions, whether I can return home at all and live so ignorantly and in fear again, I really don´t know. Never been as happy with the way I´m living here in any other place in my life, more to come soon ~ Matthew Paskov
Along the cliff In Cuenca

First Excursion

 Cuenca y Valencia

Spanish is slowly starting to improve but not enough to keep me from being completely lost a good amount of the time but its no problem for the most part people are very nice about giving you direction and being patient with the fact that you don´t speak their language again a bit more hospitable than home, not really seeing whole lot downsides to living here, but our first weekend we visited Cuenca a city famous for its hanging buildings over its deep gorge, and Valencia la Ciudad de las artes y las Ciencias! I´m pretty sure I´ve never visited a city the was more visually appealing Take a look and we´ll talk to you soon! ~Matt
The Museo de Arte Abstracto en Cuenca
One of the last original hanging buildings

Main Square in Cuenca,
where they just recently held the running of the bulls
One of Hakim that I forgot to post from our third day in the country, I asked him to pose especially for you Mr. Metzger 
A view from a bridge over the Gorge in Cuenca, don´t look down...

After Visiting The Abstract Art Museum and Lunch we head on the Highspeed Rail to..


Madrid so far...

Been to many different and new places, deffinitley nowhere like the U.S.├índ for the better.Mmy full albums are on Facebook if you like to see everything in detail. Overall though classes have started I´ve switched some so that I am now taking Art History and History of Western Civilization centered around Spain, as opposed to my business classes, I think a change of my major is´nt too far off, More Soon! ~ Matt
First few days 
Spent an afternoon in Retiro Park
SOL touristy shopping center complete with a Dunkin´ Coffee
Egyptian Tomb

Friday, September 7, 2012

Startin' Out

Hey All!

After a long summer were finally ready to settle down and start taking things a bit slower 
which of course implies traveling to a foreign country the language of which I don't speak
Guess we'll have to just flow with it!

Only a few days out just starting to pack, The fact that I'm actually leaving for four months has yet to hit me, we'll make sure to let you all know when it does. A lot more coming very soon,
till then don't stop vibin' with it all